Normalizing Differences

It seems contradictory. Normalize differences. That’s what many are trying valiantly to do: with ethnicity, with medical diagnoses, with mental health, and more. Celebrate and acknowledge the differences while also

Adopting: Special Needs

If you have EVER considered adoption of a child with special needs or opening your home to foster care there are TWO websites that have helped us sooo much in

Here We Go – January 10

Last week I shared publicly where things were with our adoption of Liam. Things changed drastically at the end of November. I mentioned that we are updating our international home

Adoption Update

I’ve been avoiding a big post or explanation for weeks now. We’ve been through a lot of upset and change in the last 2 months. One of the last things

If YOU want to blog

Do it. Just do it. There’s no reason not too. I’ve been blogging since I could get on the internet and type. It started with Xanga. Anybody remember that platform?

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