Quick Update 9/27

This past week has been something else. Somehow it’s all ready the beginning of another one.

The quick run down in no particular order:

Baby boy is still in the hospital.

Things keep breaking.

Yellow fever vaccines are mean.

My big boy is almost 3.

Fundraising is a job.

I’m tired.

The less quick run down:

As you may know if you follow me on facebook we finally got our passports last week. In less than 3 hours. Yes. You can read details about that craziness here on this other post. We also managed to finally get in for our vaccines. We have to have these to get a visa to even enter the country we’re going too.

Can I just say . . . yellow fever vaccines are dumb. I mean sure they prevent a horrible illness but they are mean and rude and mean. First it hurt like a beast. I’ve had many of the rhogam shots before and still hold them as the worst poke I’ve had (*TRIGGER* other than being jabbed in the arm so wrongly by a nurse that was terrible at putting in IVs that blood went everywhere . . .  I mean *everywhere). BUT the party afterwards? It hurt and hurt and was lumpy angry. Then it ITCHED. Like a demon mosquito had layed demon mosquito eggs that hatched INSIDE my arm. Then we felt pretty rotten on and off all weekend. Like when you know you are getting the flu or that stomach virus you’ve been avoiding . . . like that but nothing more ever happens.

ALL WORTH IT. YES. But dang it. I’m thrilled to goodness it’s not something I’ll need again in the foreseeable future (if ever!). Brace yourself if you’re getting this thing. Some people I know don’t have any symptoms or effects. We were not those people.

Catch Up Cleaning

That said, despite my crummy feeling I had a ton of cleaning to catch up with. It’s like catching up to the point of being back in the never-ending cycle of trying to catch up. Does that make sense? I’ve been that far behind.

Due in part to my vacuum breaking. We’re awaiting the part needed to arrive. Meanwhile, the three kids, three dogs, and cat . . . mostly the kids . . . have wreaked havoc. Leading me to believe the vacuum may have inflicted the damage on itself so it could have a break because I literally vacuum EVERY DAY. The vacuum has been out of commission for a week.

We don’t have spare funds to drop on a random temporary vacuum and certainly not a replacement for the Dyson. So it’s just been a matter of waiting.

But my husband, brilliant as can be managed a fascinating technique to SWEEP the carpet with the trusty broom. It *actually works*.

But, when we pulled out our beloved carpet cleaner . . . it refused to do its job. Something broke on it too.

Admitted, we are HARD on the appliances because they are desperately needed on a regular basis. But dang.

Anyway, he spent yesterday sweeping and deep cleaning the living room. I spent most of today cleaning out closets, sweeping then deep cleaning the hall, office, and bedrooms.

I think we’ve taken 5 30 gal trash bags of toys, books, clothes, odds and ends to giveaway or get rid or just chuck out in the last few days. It’s insane. The house fills bigger.

Now I just have to catch up on laundry . . . . hahahahaaaa

Meanwhile . . .

My big boy is almost 3 years old. He has had huge growth spurts in the last few months. His language has absolutely exploded. He’s the sweetest thing and I can’t even believe he’s about to completely leave the baby/toddler years in his wake. It’s all about Paw Patrol and Ninja Turtles and Star Wars in his innocent, happy world.

I’m just not ready for my baby boy to be a big 3 year old!!


He’s so, so excited to be a big brother. It’s going to be so different for him than a lot of other kids but he’s all in. He sees Liam’s photo and declares him my baby bwudder with such a glow. Each of the girls transitioned into an older a little differently and I try not to have any expectations of Cai other than for him to just be himself.

Bringing Liam home is going to change our world but it’s a really big deal for an almost 3 year old. I’m just hoping and praying for him that he is able to be a better boy and therefore a better man because he gets to be a brother to our sweet little Liam. I’m so worried about the changes coming up but I can see how much love my strong-willed, kind, happy toddler has for this little baby he’s never even met. I’m convinced it will just bloom into something even more beautiful once the two of them meet in person. Whether it’s instant or it takes some time. Liam hasn’t been a little brother yet either so they’ll get to figure it out together.

I have a video of Cai telling me he’s going to “FWY in da sky” as he spreads out his arms. He makes a perfect airplane take-off sound with his little pursed lips to say “get Wiam here to home!”. I sometimes think my kids are getting this more than some grown ups ever will.

As for Liam

I don’t have much of an update. We’re trying our best to be prepared for anything because there are so many unknowns. We’re working on some sort of game plan for the medical aspect of his homecoming. Right now we’re still getting through these paperwork and financing hurdles in front of us.

I’ll write more about that tomorrow though. It’s almost 1am and I’m tired.


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