3 Easy Craft Ideas

I know a lot of parents looking for relatively quick, easy, simple crafts to do to help make a little extra money on the side to go toward expenses. Maybe you have a local craft fair to join or want to open up an Etsy shop. Really though, any person could be trying this out for any number of reasons. Maybe they are working to pay off debt or help pay for this season’s extra curricular. Some parents allegedly even enjoy doing crafts for no apparent reason. (What!?) I’ve tried quite a few. Some have been much, much easier than others. These are three crafts I think absolutelyΒ  anyone can manage.

#1 Jewelry

Sure, there’s a ton of competition. But, this is one of the easiest niches to work into. There’s room for everyone – truly. Do a little research. Think about what pieces make you (or your mom or wife or friend) happy and go from there. If you’re trying to sell for profit be careful – some of the gorgeous beads and tools can get pricey. Put a little love into each piece and it can be a thoughtful gift. It won’t just be another piece of jewelry. Reflecting your own sense of style instead of trying to capture someone else’s style is the easiest way to start. Branch out with colors or materials you might not choose for yourself. Do what you love.

Extra tips:

  1. Look for beads, string, and other craft supplies at thrift stores, antique shops, and yard sales for great prices
  2. Plan and price out supplies before buying to be sure you can make a profit
  3. Don’t try to please everyone with every piece you make

#2 Magnets

There are so many cute ideas for making magnets. A little creativity and a lot of glue go a long way! Whether you just need something unique for your own home or you want to sell for profit – magnets might work for you. They can be time consuming and redundant when it comes to putting them together. Lots of piecing together, neat cuts, and waiting for glue to dry! But, you can turn almost anything into something useful by making it magnetic!

Extra tips:

  1. Test different glue with your materials if possible. Some glue can be harsh. I personally prefer Mod Podge Matte and E6000.
  2. Test magnets for hold – you might just need a light decorative magnet or a sturdy one for holding up the kid’s artwork
  3. Do something different! Maybe you carve a little niche out with customized name magnets or hand-painted tile magnets!
  4. Don’t underprice yourself – this goes for any selling you do. You’ll go out of business and/or you’ll hurt the market for other sellers. It’s a lot easier to have a % off sale or lower prices than it is to bring them up.

#3 Paint a masterpiece!

Ok. It doesn’t really need to be a masterpiece. I know I’m not unique in enjoying a custom touch in my own home. There’s just something about painted canvas and wood that strikes a genuine note for me. The simplest of art pieces will find it’s way into others homes if you just try your hand at it. Consider what you have or what you want in your own home. Take a closer look at that amazing print you saw at Hobby Lobby last weekend. You might be able to recreate it yourself!

Extra tips:

  1. Try different mediums – canvas, paper, wood, acrylics, watercolors, oils, and so on
  2. Look locally for free classes! You might be able to hone a long-term skill
  3. Start simple and small. You don’t need to create a wall mural or a Picasso
  4. Make copies through local or online printers


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