Who I Am

This is me:


There are lots and lots of words to describe me. I prefer to stick with all the nice, positive ones when I talk about myself.


First and foremost: I’m ME. I’m Samantha. Sam to friends. So call me Sam. Hi.

Next, and very importantly, I’m a wife to a darling, kickass man (love of my life) and the mama to three (so far) sweet, adorable, absolutely crazy little humans. We have an angel in heaven. Our first adoption is underway!

I stay at home with the kiddos. I do occasional side work and I’m always looking for something new to bring in a little money. Because 3 little kids while homeschooling isn’t enough work for me! /sarcasm. I suppose all that falls under homemaker or housewife. Ya know, the term “maker” is really trendy in the millennial world these days so lets think about it like that. In my ideal life we’ll have 10+ kids, a miniature farm (literally, mini goats, pigs, etc), an antique/book store, and an old dog sanctuary to top it all off! /swoon


Homemaker. Badassery in the homespace within the suburbs is the name of the game right now! (In a nice, Christian way! Of course.)

So, yeah!

We currently call a little place in the crevices of Northwest Arkansas our home. If you’ve ever seen a certain big, popular store’s big rig drive past you’ve probably seen the name of our city emblazoned on the side of it somewhere. Although, neither of us are from here originally. My roots go back to central Alabama. The husband claims Nevada and keeps trying to convince me sand is great. How did we end up here? That’s a long story. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime. At first, I was excited to move here. I kind of loved it. Then I wasn’t so sure. I felt displaced. Now, it’s really becoming home.


Anyway . . .

We’re here and we’ve come to really enjoy this area. It’s grown exponentially in the last few years. It’s diverse, family-oriented, and there’s always something new around the corner! In so many ways we’re a typical American family but in other ways we’re kind of weird. Ok, in a lot of ways we’re super duper weird. We like it like that.

Oh, and obviously, I write about all of our goings-on and plaster it all over the World Wide Web. Right! I tend to post kind of randomly with the ebb and flow of things but I do hope to connect with other people through this blog and it makes me happy whenever something I write hits home with another person. I’m that stereotypical introvert that prefers her people-contact in small doses. The blog lets me emote and stand on the proverbial rooftop and belt things out without zapping all my social energies. I honestly prefer the company of books and my dogs most of the time. Writing is just the best way I communicate and connect with other human beings. Now that I sound like a nut . . .

Let me introduce you to my people (and my non-human favorites):

Here’s me with the husband man. We’ve been BFFs for over a decade!


And my shorties: Nomi, EK, and Cai.


The dogs: Neville and Idgie

12357082_10206355447017657_3150785776828514747_o (1)

The cats: Chief and Cortana

11145019_10205735972851190_1401129181855399382_o (1) And most recently we’ve added a few chickens to our crazy too!!


So that’s a decent summary, right? Take a peak around, leave comments, visit often, and do find me wherever it is you hang (facebook, instagram, twitter)! I love sharing about our life and whatever else is floating my boat. I’d love to “meet” you. (DISCLAIMER: No creepers. Kthx.)

Welcome to my wedge of the web!