Who I Am

This is me:


There are lots and lots of words to describe me. I prefer to stick with all the nice, positive ones when I talk about myself.


First and foremost: I’m ME. I’m Samantha. Sam to friends. So call me Sam. Hi.

Next, and most importantly, I’m a wife to a¬†darling, kickass¬†man (love of my life) and the mama to three sweet, adorable, absolutely crazy little humans (so far). We also have a baby in heaven.

I stay at home with the kiddos. I do occasional side work, including this blog, as well as¬†part-time school. Because 3 little kids and homeschooling isn’t enough work for me. /sarcasm.¬†I suppose¬†all that falls under homemaker or housewife. Ya know, the term “maker” is really trendy in the tech world these days so lets think about it like that.

Homemaker. Badassery in the homespace. (In a nice, Christian way! Of course.)

So there’s that!


We currently call a little place in the crevices of Northwest Arkansas our home although neither of us are from here originally. I’m from Alabama. My husband claims Nevada. How did we end up here? That’s a long story. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime. ¬†But you may have heard of Bentonville, Arkansas before. Maybe you’ve seen that emblazoned on the butt of a Walmart big rig.

Ohh yes.


Anyway . . .

We’re here and we’ve¬†to really enjoy this area. It’s diverse, family-oriented, and growing like crazy! We’re riding along and seeing where life takes us. In some ways we’re a typical American family but in other ways we’re kind of weird. Ok, in a lot of ways we’re super duper weird.

Oh, and obviously, I write¬†about some of it and plaster it all over the World Wide Web. Right!¬†I tend to post kind of randomly with the ebb and flow of things but I do hope to connect with other people through this blog and it makes me happy whenever something I write hits home with another person. I’m that stereotypical introvert that prefers her people-contact in small doses. I prefer the company of books and dogs most of the time. Writing is the best way¬†I communicate and connect with other human beings.

So that’s a decent summary. I guess. Take a peak around, leave comments, visit often, and do follow me on the gazillion social media profiles I have. I love sharing about our life and whatever else is floating my boat. I’d love to see what’s floating yours. Especially if you have a yacht and beach house we can borrow.¬†

Welcome to my wedge of the web!