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About ME

My name is Samantha. I love writing which is why I started the blog in the first place. I’ve been blogging since way back when Xanga was the site du jour.

Actually, I don’t just love writing. I’m myself through writing. I’m the truest, most genuine self I can be when I type on a keyboard or flick ick through a pen onto paper. Depending on your perspective that may sound incredible or very sad.

In the rest of my spare time I run this blog right here, an etsy shop called Owl & Tiger, and design shirts for my Teespring store.

About the Husband + Marriage

My husband and I met through mutual friends at a very dorky (awesome!) mock government camp we attended when we were teenagers. We chatted over the phone and AIM (yes AOL!) more than our parents appreciated at the time. We lived three hours apart but we talked and talked. We became best friends. I think our record on the phone was 8 hours! (Ridiculous.) The sweetest thing is that we sent hand written letters to each other. I have all of them in a safe spot. We were so mushy gushy in love and so serious and so, so sappy. And, that really hasn’t changed! We finally got tired of waiting and trying to plan a wedding after 6 months of engagement in 2009. We eloped! That’s a WHOLE post on it’s own.

Now we’ve been married going on 8 years. I can’t imagine doing life with another human being by my side. We’ve had a lot of hard things come our way. Every hurdle, with God’s grace, we’ve managed to overcome.

My husband, Joseph, is a nerd through and through. I got lucky though. I can’t even begin to explain it! He’s a gamer AND a guitar player. (You bet I’ve been serenaded! Swoon?!) He works on computers for a living, spent 4 years in the Marine Corps Reserves, and he’s got the mind of an innovator entrepreneur (IMHO). He’s worked harder than anyone I know for us! Yet, he’s the most laid back, simple life type of guy.

About the Kids + Mom Life

In seven years of marriage I’ve been pregnant four times. The first three times we were blessed with beautiful, healthy, full termΒ babies! They are currently 6, 5, and 3. They are the best thing I believe I’ll ever do in this world! I adore them. My last pregnancy ended too early so we also have a little love in heaven.

We always talked about having a big family (the joke has been 12!) so we hope to have more children in the future. Right this minute, we are working on a new plan for our first adoption.




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