Adopting: Special Needs

If you have EVER considered adoption of a child with special needs or opening your home to foster care there are TWO websites that have helped us sooo much in first steps of our own research.

When you start any private homestudy they WILL expect you to go through *each and every* listed need from thalassemia to HIV to CHD to autism to cleft lip with a “yes/no/maybe” type of answer.

If you are pursuing any children with known needs you’ll be looking for info. Not just on the known needs but hopefully due diligence on the effects of abandonment, institutionalization, and other trauma. EVERY child going through the loss of their family, their first home(s), and changing their identity WILL need extra support whether there is a medical label or not.

EVERY child is unique: their genetic makeup, their history, their circumstances, and so many more variables.

Let me tell you, we started on the not-so-open side of things. Totally out of “concern” (fear) and ignorance on our part. The more we read and learned the more we realized how much we simply didn’t know.

The next best thing? Talking to families that have BEEN THERE or talking to doctors or therapists with experience.

The websites:

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