Adoption Funding Update

*UPDATED May 3 – scroll down for tshirt and flower fundraiser totals

Thank you to everyone that helped to make the Tieks giveaway a success! Our winner (Julie) was chosen! Another thank you to all those amazing, amazing supporters out there sharing my obnoxious posts, praying for us, and buying from our sales! You’re all INCREDIBLE!

I just want to give a quick break down of where things are and it’s pretty amazing to see how all of this has been taken care of so far. All those dollars donated or used for purchases from us are an incredible blessing to us with all these upcoming costs for the adoption. I’m seriously gushing over how crazy this has been to watch come together!!


Since committing to Roxy in January we have raised OVER $2000 between selling our stuff, online sales, generous gifts, and fundraisers!!

Overall total funding right now between our personal funding, grants, and that raised is over the $12000 mark. Our first trip to meet Roxy is FUNDED!!

Homestudy is finalized. We hope to get it in hand and send it straight to USCIS ($945). We are working on details to get the bulk of our dossier apostilling ($10 per page) done as soon as possible as well. This part is very nearly funded and remaining shirt sales with the Faith Over Fear campaign will help us cover every little bit of those costs. It’s just a matter of doing it!!

Right now our most immediate total need is $10,500. I’m going to update our youcaring page (currently shows $14,000) to reflect this specific number. This is the bulk of agency fees we will submit once our dossier is completed, sent for translation, and the official referral after trip number one is accepted. Some of these fees are in euros converted to USD so I don’t have a more exact number but whatever is off we’ll cover ourselves. We fully intend to contribute to this number, of course, but through our personal budget and our time put into fundraising and sales!

We do expect to need a few thousand more to fully fund our second (pick up) trip (which is the difference you see between $10.5k and $14k) but we are going to focus on this immediate need right now because the second trip will likely happen 3-5 months AFTER our first trip. Really, the estimation on the travel is a lot of guesstimating since we don’t know dates. The second trip is also almost twice as long as the first one! Flights will be the biggest determiner of that final cost.


We still have several fundraisers and sales going if you’re looking for a fun way to continue supporting us!

❤️ Spring Flower Bulb sale (ends May 1st – raised $43! Thank you!)
💛 Faith Over Fear tshirts (ends May 3rd – raised $412! Thank you!! Now available on 3-5 day rotation permanently.)
💚 Fictive Fair apparel and Etsy shop
💙 Online Auction starting May 25th
💜 Apparent Project bracelets sale
❤️ Tax deductible gifts on Reece’s Rainbow toward our second trip



This is how much you helped us raise with all of your orders! We made it OVER our goal.


Right now, all donations sent to our crowdfunding page will be going toward those agency fees! I’ve added a screenshot on there from my budgeting app that shows how the amounts raised so far have or will be used! We will also be updating it with all other fundraiser totals so you can see how it’s all coming together.

Last thing, just a reminder, EVERY single person that donates or supports us will have their name put on the back of Roxy’s puzzle!! This will be hung up in her bedroom (which I can’t wait to start decorating!!). Thank you again everyone!!






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