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Update: We may have the majority of our remaining fees funded! We will have updated numbers very soon! Whether we continue to fundraise will ultimately depend on travel costs. We really won’t know the exact amount until travel is booked.


We are currently trying to raise $16,125. This is to cover the $10,000 in remaining agency fees and an additional ~$6125 toward travel!

Known and Estimated Adoptions Expenses

Homestudy Agency Application Fee: $500 DONE!

Home Study Fees: $2100 DONE!
(Covers entire home study process, home visits, and final preparation)

Hague training: $300 DONE!
(10 hours for each of us of HAGUE-required online courses)

Placement Agency Application Fee: $350 DONE!

Government/Immigration: $2150 $890
(Passports $390, Travel Vaccines $380, Travel Visas $160×2, Background checks, Complete FBI fingerprinting, USCIS expedited application)

Agency Program and Country Fees Total $21,150+

Current Remaining: $10,000

 Minimum Travel Expenses Estimated: ~ $6000 – $7000


  • International Round Trip Flights Estimate –  $4000+
    • We will have an exact number once flights are booked
  • Hotel, Food, In-Country Travel for 5+ Days – $2000 – $3000
    • Extended travel time in-country may increase or even double this estimate

Misc Fees and Expenses Not Included in the Thermometer – $3000+
This includes: Monthly Sponsorship, Certified Certificate Copies, Notarization, Creating Multiple Dossier Copies, Overnight Shipping for Documents, Medical Appointments and Reviews, Post-Adoption Reviews and Country Updates, Out of town trips for paperwork (passports and fingerprinting), Child-care and Pet boarding, Adoption Clinic Medical Review and Expedition Letters, Grant Application Fees, Emergency Funds for Travel



We have received TWO grants from Rollstone Foundation ($1000 sent to agency) and from Ephesians 3:20 ($3000 sent to agency at time of travel, covering most of our fourth agency fee!), We also have $447 now in our Reece’s Rainbow account so far which will be made available when we are approved to travel!

We have also applied to many others.

#f393b6 Raised $570 towards the $12,000 target.


Our Current In-Progress Fundraisers


Donate Through Reece’s Rainbow

This is a tax-deductible crowdfunding grant that will be given to us at time of travel!

Donate Through You Caring

A direct crowdfunding page like gofundme. This will help us with all immediate costs. Donations will automatically be counted for our puzzle piece sponsorship and tag-the-bag as well. Read more about the puzzle down below.

This is Liam’s puzzle!

Puzzle Fundraiser

This is Liam’s bag!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 12.35.22 PM


We have several available including our most popular Love One Another collection available on an on-going basis on Teespring. This comes in a variety of styles, font designs, colors, and sizes. Standard black hoodie to cozy maroon pullover sweater to brightly colored women’s cut or youth sized tees!

Love One Another

You can find the Future Super Hero, Thanksgiving, and Christmas tees for kids on the LOVE ONE ANOTHER store  and The Super Hero store as well.



Do you love mugs as much as I do??

These and more are available in our Nonfiction Fairytale Mugs store on Teespring. Starting at $12. Each purchase supports your ability to stay awake in the morning AND our adoption.


Shop Through Etsy

Sweet Little Hair Bows or Unique Vintage Items? Get some Christmas shopping done early.

Hope Bows Boutique

Hope Bows Boutique

Owl & Tiger

Owl and Tiger (This and more!!)

You can read more about our Puzzle Fundraiser right here!

We reached $1000 and filled 1/5 of the puzzle with names from our hydrocephalus walk and beard dye fundraisers. We have about 800 pieces left!! Just a $5 donation sponsors one piece and your name will go on the back. We’ll display it in a double-sided frame and hang it above Liam’s bed. He can feel the pieces with his hands and we will be able to read ALL the names that supported us and prayed for us!

Your name here


November 2-4 Necklace Auction



Thank you to everyone supporting us!!

You can also follow me on instagram to see some of the crafts we are making and selling! Most of these are being sold locally but I hope to have even more to sell online very soon!


Previous Fundraisers

  • Online Scavenger Hunt + Giveaway
  • Super Hero Capes
  • Facebook Auction
  • doTerra
  • Pampered Chef
  • Usborne
  •  T-shirts
    • Bonfire Funds
    • Teespring
  • Dutch Mill Flower Bulbs (Spring and Fall)
  • Bracelets
    • Bravelets
    • Handmade
  • Just Love Coffee
  • Suckers
  • Yard Sales
  • Easter Egg Your Yard Event
  • Instagram Auction
  • Crafting
    • Wreaths
    • Hairbow holders
    • Magnets
  • Charity Walk
  • Beard-Dye
  • Reece’s Rainbow page
  • YouCaring page




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