Adoption Timeline

The Beginning

November 2015 – January 2016 we began discussing our options for doing foster care or adoption after the early loss of our fourth biological baby.

January 7 2016 – After seeing a little girl on RainbowKids advocacy site we submitted an inquiry and a pre-application with our homestudy agency. We wondered if she was ours but talked about her maybe being the one we needed to see to get us started whether she is our or not.

January 8 – Pre-application was approved by homestudy agency! We stayed up all night to read through the orientation and the information on the countries.

January 11 – Submitted our orientation acknowledgement

January 13 – Very first phone call with an adoption specialist to discuss our options. We decided to fill out the formal application which was the first step in a real commitment to taking this step.

January 19 – Submitted our formal application and application fee!

January 22 – Submitted supporting doctor’s note

January 29 – Formal application is being reviewed by each country team for pre-approval. We began immediately applying for extra jobs, looking for fundraising ideas, updating my Etsy shop, and began to do fervent research. Total mindset change.

February 3 -Official formal approval to begin our adoption! We had pre-approval for three countries. We signed the contract and firmly committed to adopting.

February 12 – Received our home study packet!! We immediately filled out about half of the forms. (70+ pages)

February 14 – Ordered our HAGUE training courses

February 19 – Continued making headway in our homestudy packet, received the Connected Child book to read, needed to schedule physicals for all of us, and get some papers notarized

March 3 – Finished with physicals and notarization! We need a few more things!!

March 23 – Overnighted our homestudy packet to our agency. Now we wait!!

April – early May 2016 – Received approval and assigned local caseworker! Hoping to get started on interviews soon.

Big Change

May 27, 2016 – We saw a special, beautiful baby boy on Reece’s Rainbow. We thought we were going to go to a different country potentially for one or two different children. We saw him and just knew.

May 31 – We submitted the acceptance of our MATCH with Liam!! This meant altering our homestudy agency contract, submitting fees to his placement agency, and really, totally changing everything. We kept saying that if the little girl we first saw on RainbowKids was not ours and she was leading us into adoption we would be at peace with that. It seemed an odd thing to say or think until we saw Liam.

July 2 – Last of FOUR homestudy visits/interviews!! We had hoped to travel this month as Liam’s condition needs urgent attention. It just isn’t happening. The hope now is for September. We have our FSP on Reece’s Rainbow as well as several other fundraisers going or being planned!

August 19 – Almost 7 weeks since our final visit. Getting anxious to submit our appliation to USCIS. We are actively compiling our dossier which is the file of official documents we will submit to the country. Lots of signing and copying and verifying! We have started our sponsorship of Liam in the meantime. We are continuing to work hard and fundraise like crazy with a timeline so high up in the air!

Moving Faster

September 9 – 4 weeks since our last timeline update! Since the last post our homestudy was approved and finalized. We received a $1000 grant (thank God!) and have been fundraising like crazy. This coming Tuesday we are going to the passport agency and we intend to have our travel visas and immigrant approval (USCIS) application submitted shortly after. We are also finishing up our dossier paperwork (other than USCIS and visa verifications). We’re going to submit for consideration to several grants as well. Our hydrocephalus association walk is also tomorrow!

November 2, 2016 – Its been a crazy two months. Liam was hospitalized. Our fundraisers have been going one after another. So much has happened! We have our USCIS application submitted and now we are awaiting fingerprint dates. We have passports. Our dossier is essentially complete with the exception of a few notarizations, verifications, and the USCIS approval. As of right now, we are very nearly totally funded!!! (Yesterday we still had a remaining need of $16k) God is good.



December 1 – Due to indirect circumstances outside of our hands we will be unable to move forward with Liam’s adoption. Our international adoption plans are currently on hold. We are devastated by this upset and waiting to find out if there is another solution so he is able to have the medical care he needs.


January 10 – We are updating our homestudy and applying for a different country program in hopes of committing to a specific waiting child. Initial paperwork and application fees are being submitted and we hope to have more information to update everyone very soon!


Committed to “Roxy”

January 27 – Ministry of Justice approved our adoption commitment to Roxy and we submitted the first payment to the NGO for 1600 euros

February 2 – Homestudy update visit

March 27 – Completed several forms for the dossier, our marriage certificate never got delivered (order back in Feb!), we have to update Joseph’s income/employer on the homestudy before it is finalized because he just got a new job!

April 18 – Our homestudy is being submitted for finalization

May – Finalized homestudy in hand!!

June – Made the trip to Little Rock for the majority of state apostilles and received apostilled FBI background checks back, Submitted USCIS i800a – Read more HERE! 🙂

June 23rd – Liam passed away.

July – running lots of fundraisers, July 26 is our deadline for dossier submission – most but not all of it is in country, we are waiting for response from a grant that could make a huge difference for us and submitting the 2nd of three overseas fees. We hope to travel to meet “Roxy” early this fall.

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