Here We Go – January 10

Last week I shared publicly where things were with our adoption of Liam. Things changed drastically at the end of November. I mentioned that we are updating our international home study. We’re submitting fees and applications for a particular program in a different country in Europe. We actually didn’t think we could go there but after I inquired about advocating/fundraising for this particular child until a family committed – we found out otherwise. We actually had no intention of going this direction at all. (Really. It’s a ton of work and financial commitment especially after our last year . . . .) We are unable to do anything for the kids we were advocating for before. That was my only goal! Use my “spare” time and my blog to advocate.

(Just kidding?!)

The process to update and get initial paperwork completed may take a good while. We expect this adoption, by the time it is finalized, to take 12-18 months. We are in the very beginning of moving this forward. Our finalized homestudy was written very, very specifically for the other country. That means lots of little details will need to be tweaked. In some ways it feels like I’ve never done any of this before!

So, yes. To be clear. There is a specific child we are hoping to commit too! I wish I could share right away but we’re going to hold off. I am nervous and hesitant to share details of that until I really know more and some important paperwork is through. I’m trying to be patient and listen to what God has ahead of us. Not my favorite thing to do.

While this little one does have special needs there is not a need for an expedite. Other than the fact that we are pursuing a child from the beginning – this process will be a little more typical. The country we are going to is also a Hague member so the situation is much, much different than before in that regard. It’s a deep contrast to a non-Hague pilot program.

We have set up a GoFundMe page* for the upcoming fees. The amount of $15,000 is what we expect to need to raise. The estimated costs of the adoption and travel will likely exceed $25,000. (All these details are on the /sieboldadoption GoFundMe page) If anyone is willing to start sharing this that would be amazing!! (It’s super fast and simple to share through social media.) Thankfully, all of the initial fees we are able to cover ourselves. The home study being updated is also a lower cost than if we actually had to start an entirely new home study.

I know so many helped us before only to have it end in a way no one expected. We want to continue to be transparent and up-front. I’m not going to lie. It makes me feel very vulnerable and nervous to share this! All this past year we felt so certain of what was happening and how our family was supposed to be involved. There are so many, many things we gained in the midst of the heartbreak. Right now, this is us stepping out of our comfort zone again for what we think is right.

All we ask (and that’s a bold thing to do – I know) is that if you pray – be praying for our circumstances and our decisions. We prayed and discussed this next step for hours on end and continue to do just that. Please pray with us. We’re going to take it all in one step at a time and I hope everyone will stick with us!
*The switch to GoFundMe is due to the other site asking for donations directly from people donating to us. I really don’t like that. We also hope to have our Reece’s Rainbow FSP back up in due time. When that happens everyone will get to see the face of the waiting child we are trying to adopt! We also expect to fundraise (aka work overtime and work from home more intentionally) and apply again for grants but this time around I will be changing our approach to all of it (lessons learned).

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