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Siebold Adoption Fundraisers

    Paypal email – or (Direct, immediate gifts. Family/friends option means no fees.) Reece’s Rainbow Sponsorship Grant: (This is a Tax-Deductible donation for you. It is

Dossier Process

We’ve been chipping away at paperwork. It’s been a little slower than I’d like, of course. I think I’d say that even if we were going at warp speed. We

Overwhelmed is My Normal

Oh man, if it weren’t because I’ve swamped myself once again I’d be disappointed that I’m so behind with posts I promised. I promised myself first and foremost. They’re in

Flowers for Roxy

Who needs some pretty bulbs for spring?! I don’t know about you but I’m so ready to get started on my vegetable garden. I’m anticipating my begonias and hydrangeas blooming.

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