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Adoption Update

I’ve been avoiding a big post or explanation for weeks now. We’ve been through a lot of upset and change in the last 2 months. One of the last things

Update – November 25

We have received information from our agency that has completely altered our situation. Right now, I just don’t know how to explain what we have going on. I’ll do my


I spent a lot of time last night up praying and thinking and reading and crying and being very human. I slept on and off all night. The Rut We

Quick Update 9/27

This past week has been something else. Somehow it’s all ready the beginning of another one. The quick run down in no particular order: Baby boy is still in the

Here I Am.

More than once I have referred to our adoption process as a rollercoaster. The last week has been the most overwhelming so far. Not just with the adoption but with

Adoption Timeline

The Beginning November 2015 – January 2016 we began discussing our options for doing foster care or adoption after the early loss of our fourth biological baby. January 7 2016

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