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10 Minute Poem

I have not written any poetry or anything like that in a while. I sat down and made myself write for a few minutes. I appreciate any feedback. — 10

Overwhelmed is My Normal

Oh man, if it weren’t because I’ve swamped myself once again I’d be disappointed that I’m so behind with posts I promised. I promised myself first and foremost. They’re in

They Don’t Know

We haven’t explained to the kids yet that we have committed to Roxy. They’ve been through this up-and-down road with us. The whole way through. Explaining miscarriage and the loss

Normalizing Differences

It seems contradictory. Normalize differences. That’s what many are trying valiantly to do: with ethnicity, with medical diagnoses, with mental health, and more. Celebrate and acknowledge the differences while also

Here I Am.

More than once I have referred to our adoption process as a rollercoaster. The last week has been the most overwhelming so far. Not just with the adoption but with


Oh me. I have this big problem. It’s something I’m not proud of and I don’t know I’m doing it a lot of the time. A realization might come over

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