Deadlines Approaching

I didn’t honestly expect to be cutting it this close. We committed to Aria/”Roxy” in January with confirmation from her country to pursue her. Her country’s rule is a 6 month deadline that works as a hold on a child’s file for your family. That date now sits just 2.5 weeks away.  It’s entirely out of my hands to get the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to move any faster. Our homestudy was not in our hands and notarized until May and we didn’t get the paperwork sent for a few weeks after that. Delays are sometimes inevitable but it feels so overwhelming to look at the calendar right now.

Prayer and Support

In the midst of this, we need a lot of prayer. For preparation, finances, and more. We are waiting to hear back from a grant. This grant’s yes or no could completely alter our lives for the next few months. It could mean we are fully funded except our pick up trip or it could be that we need to up  the overtime and fundraising even more. We just have to keep plugging along with the hurry up and wait!

In the meantime, we have 3800 euros to send. This equates to approximately $4400 US dollars. We have the first $1000 being sent now and another large chunk being moved to one account to be transferred as well. We’re around $800 short at the moment. The weight of this is heavy. I’ve lost sleep. We’ve scrambled and worked hard to collect all of these fees only for it to be another last minute squeeze.

While we have the funds to care for our household, our children, our pets, and things that pop up it’s a challenge to fund a $30,000 adoption when you dive in on faith. We are forever grateful for the almost $9000 in grants and $2500 in raised funds cutting this by more than a third! That’s amazing!!

This is what this breaks down like right now:

Completed: $8095

Fundraised: $2500

Still Needed: ~ $800

  • Homestudy Update – $400
  • Commitment Fee – 1600 Euros
  • Placement Agency Application – $250
  • FBI Background Checks – $100
  • Apostilles ~ $200
  • USCIS i800a Application – $945
  • NGO Fee* – 3800 Euros (due now: almost ready to send!!)

Upcoming Total: $21,200

Grants Toward This: $8900

  • $5000 USD Agency Program Fee** Due now
  • $2000 Post-Placement Fee Due Now
  • Trip One Estimate: $4000-5000
  • In-Country Final Fee 1200 Euros
  • Trip Two Estimate $ 6000 – 9000
  • $1200 Post Placement Fee (Due at 4 post placement visits at time of service
  • Misc: Visas, Pick-up medical visit, Childcare

So, as you can see. It feels so close to being funded! We need to send this large 3800 EU/$4400 fee now then it’s that last ~$12,000 until we are totally done.

The freedom to focus solely on preparing our home and hearts for her is something I long for. After all that has happened with our family over the last year and a half that reprieve is so needed. We will do what it takes to bring this sweet daughter into our home forever even if that means working 10-20 hours of weekly overtime and fundraising 12 hours a day until we get on that airplane. Just please pray for us as we continue to take this on!

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