Dossier Process

We’ve been chipping away at paperwork. It’s been a little slower than I’d like, of course. I think I’d say that even if we were going at warp speed.

We have lots of pieces to prep and put together for the dossier. Thankfully, the passports have been done for a while and we have plenty of photos to put into the dossier. The FBI fingerprinting was super easy and fast.

However, some things are not coming together so cleanly. We’ve had a change in work/financial status so we’re having to revise someΒ  paperwork for our homestudy update. (Not totally a bad thing! Just taking up more time.) Our marriage certificate is floating around somewhere. It’s over a week later than the latest delivery date was supposed to be. I forgot the paperwork when we were went out the other day to get our medicals done. Yeah. (High fiving myself on that one.) That’s a little more complicated because it has to be notarized as well! We can’t do anything with USCIS until our homestudy can be sent to them with the application. In the meantime, we have several other documents (application, contract, etc) that we will be getting apostilled. The FBI background checks will also be notarized and apostilled separately (the State Department does this rather than our home state).

There are a few other things we have to do regarding that like getting fingerprinted again for USCIS (immigration), waiting for the i800a (immigration application) approval, and getting all of that notarized and apostilled as well. And yes, we have to pay for the fingerprints all over again for this totally separate document. It’s a lot to get done! All the shipping back and forth plus the fees for apostilles adds up quickly.


We’re plugging away at it though! My hope is by this time next month our USCIS application will be in, at least half our documents will be apostilled, and we can start applying for a few other grants!



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