Fictive Fair and Fundraisers

I was going to primarily post about our current and on-going fundraisers. Really though, we’ve been in the trenches launching a small business. I have a vision for Fictive Fair that goes far, far beyond just shirts for just a fundraiser. However, I do want to kind of quickly summarize what all we have going on. It’s quickly tumbled into chaos! Heaven forbid I get bored.

Let me start with the current fundraisers that have known end dates!

Current Fundraisers


First up, our Tieks Giveaway. We are getting really close to our fundraising goal with this one. Donation entries are $5 but you are also able to enter simply by submitting your name and email. Go to the link to read more and enter. 

It’s fast and easy!

Next is our flower fundraiser. This is a sweet and simple fundraiser! The link to purchase spring bulbs and more information can be found on this blog post. Orders will be accepted up into May and shipped ready-to-plant, according to region.



On-Going Fundraisers

Now, this is where it gets less fundraisery and more businessy. Let me tell you more about Fictive Fair. I began designing individual campaign shirts last year. It wasn’t my first attempt at getting into design but it was a lot more fun designing products people could really use. It got to the point that I would go dabble and design just for fun. Over the past few months, I’ve taken more time to learn about design, marketing, and things like that. When we began our adoption process over again in January I knew immediately that this would be a go-to for me. The collection of designs had gotten huge. Almost out of hand in some ways. Then I realized the opportunity we had not only to raise money for our adoption but to raise money for other things we wished we could give to more. It’s only been about a month since we officially launched Fictive Fair as a cause-focused small business. 

In this short time, not only have we raised a small chunk toward our own adoption expenses but we’ve been able to raise approximately $150 for the families and orgs we’ve decided to support.

This is not something that will go away once the adoption is over! While numbers-wise right now it’s a hobby, my husband and I hope to see it explode into a meaningful long-term project.

You can follow Fictive Fair on social media too! Retweeting, liking, and sharing posts on media is a powerful way to help us.





You shop through our website: or our etsy shop or directly on teespring:

One of the easiest ways to browse and shop right now is on Pinterest!

Now we have even more fundraisers in the works. We’ve finished one other giveaway, an Usborne book fundraiser, and selling some things to boost our initial funds.


Direct Donations

Because we aren’t above asking for help at this point we also have two separate crowdfunding platforms for straight forward donations.

One is the popular GoFundMe: and one is our Reece’s Rainbow grant:

You can see our current overall goal of raising $12,000 on the GoFundMe page. This amount is for both agency and post-placement fees* that come when it is time to submit the dossier and also when we officially accept the child referral prior to court. There is a chance we will need to raise an additional $7000 (give or take) if we are able to adopt two children. “Roxy” is the child we legally have on hold for our family in her home country. We have her file held until July. We need to submit our dossier by that point in order to keep her file from being returned to the database.  (You can see her sweet little photo you will see through those two links.) The GoFundMe donations will go to our “up front” fees and out-of-pocket needs. This week in particular we are going to be fingerprinted for FBI background checks ($100), preparing to mail documents to be notarized and apostilled ($10 per apostille), and going for medical check ups ($$). Our homestudy is having details finalized (we have been approved!) and once we have it in hand we will send it off to USCIS for the immigration approval and additional background checks ($945). This is just a little snapshot of the costs involved and where they go!


The first 1000 donors and supporters will also have their names put on this puzzle we’ll hang in Roxy’s bedroom!


Total costs: $29,900

Homestudy w/ update: $4850 – $2650 = $1000 update + $1200 post placement remaining

Combined agency fees: $14,050 – $250 application$1800 commitment = $12,000 remaining

Travel estimates for two trips: $9,000 – $12,000 – $7300 grants = $1700-$4700 remaining

Misc fees – USCIS, Notarization and Apostilles, Background checks, International shipping: $2000+

*Bold has been paid or is covered; Remaining misc fees we will continue paying out of pocket

The agency and post-placement fees

I want to break down what these massive fees cover for anyone interested. $12,000 is broken up into $7000 for one agency and $5000 for another. One is our US-based placement agency and one is our NGO working in the country we are adopting from. $2000 of these fees are for compiling and sending the four post-placement reports. These reports are updates on Roxy’s well being for her country. Every country is different in their expectations and requirements for these reports. It is a lot of legal paperwork post-adoption that helps to keep adoptees safe. Next, a lot of it covers dull things like paperwork, social workers, processing our file, and assisting with our dossier. More importantly, these fees cover legal documents in country, all of our travel within the country (taxis, etc), a translator to be with us for meetings/paperwork/visits, and other accommodations in country. We have all ready paid for our homestudy ($2650) and will pay $1000 for the homestudy update being completed. We have also all ready submitted the ~$1800 fee to place our initial application/commitment documents in the database in-country. The Reece’s Rainbow grant as well as two other grants we have received will cover much of our travel expenses. In reality, we’re almost halfway funded as many of these have been paid for all ready!


We have no doubt that ever dime will be provided!

Upcoming Fundraisers

Look out for these: homemade dog treats and suet cakes, more additions to the etsy shop, and a few other things we’re working out details on.




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