Flowers for Roxy

Who needs some pretty bulbs for spring?! I don’t know about you but I’m so ready to get started on my vegetable garden. I’m anticipating my begonias and hydrangeas blooming. I also really love bulbs: lilies and butterfly weed and daffodils. They are just so easy and always gorgeous. They make me think of Easter and springtime. Little Miss “R” is a spring baby too so I all ready imagine spending her birthdays with fresh cut flowers in the kitchen and watching all the kids playing outside together.


Ordering through us means 50% of the order going toward our adoption! We’ll receive a check once the fundraiser ends in May. These funds will likely go toward travel costs as we hope to have our dossier all ready submitted sometime between May and July.

There are a few different flowers to choose from! There’s even an amazing bundle that will attract lots of butterflies, bees, and possibly even hummingbirds.

Shipping is a flat $8. They will ship in time for planting depending on your location (which I think is too awesome!).

Place your orders here: We’re hoping to raise $100 with this fundraiser!


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