If YOU want to blog

Do it. Just do it. There’s no reason not too.

I’ve been blogging since I could get on the internet and type. It started with Xanga. Anybody remember that platform? Then came others and social media blossomed. I’ve moved around the “blogosphere” quite a few times now. There’s no penalty for deleting or (even losingΒ  . . . long story) a blog. You can be serious or funny, simple or philosophical, satirical or blunt. You can even choose to be anonymous.

No one really starts out with a pricey blog theme and a bucket load of rich content. There’s no magic button to create a brand or build a readership. You just let words flow and learn as you go. That said, there are helpful blogs, Facebook support groups, reddits, and other forums for any nooblet to sink their teeth into. Where you go for the advice and support is up to you.

It helps if much of your writing is for you.

I highly recommend wordpress. It’s clean and efficient. If you want to monetize you will eventually have some dollars to spend. Blogger is more open-ended but it can also get messy. The one thing you can do wrong is have an ugly, awful-looking blog page with 10 ads per sentence you write. Just don’t. Why I recommend wordpress is twofold: 1) most bloggers I know come here eventually anyway and 2) the customization and community access is valuable. It’s easy and quick to eventually add that personalized domain without the extra lines. This is coming from someone who monetizes and aims to create community/readership. If you’re a solo-writer happy floating in your nice niche of the internet then by all means go wherever suits you. Everyone is different.

But there’s no reason to NOT blog at all.

Three tips for beginners to keep you going:

  1. If you have an off-day with some major writer’s block just open a new post or a notebook then type or scribble at random. You may very well inspire yourself. If not, you’ll let out some of that brain gunk blocking your brilliant lobes full of writing goodness.
  2. Stop yourself from becoming envious of successful bloggers/writers. Honestly, I have this problem a lot. Don’t do it. Admire them and realize you CAN do the same thing in your OWN way. Most bloggers I know are happy to support fledgling bloggers as they figure out their way. Some focus solely on that very thing.
  3. To instantly make your blog your own try awesome sites like Canva or Creative Market for unique touches (freebies are my jam!)

Guess what though? I’ve been blogging for the better part of 12 years and I STILL feel like a noob. SEO be damned.



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