June Adoption Update!

Oh man, I haven’t really updated since early May and so much has happened. Life has had a lot of ups and downs recently. I’m going to focus this post on our adoption for right now.


This past weekend we knocked out a HUGE chunk of our dossier. We took 9 documents to the State Capitol to get apostilled. On Monday, we also got word that our FBI background checks had their State Department apostilles and were on their way back to us. This is such a big step!

What’s left is getting medical appointments done. This is not as simple as we hoped with it being difficult to get into our regular PCPs. Late spring and summer is not the best time for appointments, FYI. We found a clinic to go to though so we’ll get those done soon. The tricky part with these is preferably having the doctor’s own signature on the paperwork notarized AND our own signatures notarized as well. We’ve had paperwork sit in a doctor’s office for a week before while we waited. It’s also annoying to any co-pay for a physical you don’t medically need. There’s just no in between and a few doctors we know don’t seem to have any idea what the paperwork entails. It’s not terribly complicated but needs to be accurate.

Other than that, it’s a matter of waiting on USCIS. We’ll wait for the appointment letter for our biometrics (fancy fingerprints). Once those are finished we’ll wait for an officer to be assigned. (Yes, we get FBI fingerprinting and background checks done TWICE!) The officer will look over everything, decide if more info or updates are needed, and approve us. Besides the homestudy, this is really one of the most vital documents we’ll get. I’m trying not to hold my breath that we’ll actually get approval in 6 weeks by the deadline (July 26) but I’ve seen more unlikely thing happen!

This won’t be the end of the paperwork. There will be referrals and the i800 and more. However, all of this will be our completed dossier! We can’t do anything else without this.



Since the last funding update, we held an online auction and have sold shirts and etsy items. The auction was a lot of fun and a big success! Everyone was more than generous with their donations and we totaled just over $900 after paying to ship everything. Much higher than my expectations!

This is what we’ve funded and done so far (yay!):

  • Homestudy Addendum
  • Commitment Fees
  • Agency Application Fee
  • USCIS fee
  • Background checks, apostilling, notaries, etc

This is what we’ve got coming up soon:

  • NGO program fee 3000 euros
  • Agency program fee $5000
  • Agency Post-Placement Escrow: $2000


After that we have these things to cover:

  • Trip One (estimating anywhere from $4000-$7000, depends a lot on flights)
  • Trip Two – PICK UP! (estimating anywhere from $6000 – $10000, this is a longer trip)
  • HS Agency Post-Placement Fees $1200 (due at time of service)


Timeline Guesstimate

God only knows when exactly things will fall into place. I say that genuinely. There is quite a process after our dossier arrives in country. It will be translated first. Then the Ministry of Justice will need to give approval. This will allow us to get travel dates for the first trip.

On the first trip, it’s all about getting to know “Roxy”. This is when we will officially accept the referral. There will also be other things to do while there involving more paperwork. We will have to leave her and that breaks my heart! But, it will only be a matter of time until she’s never on a waiting child list again! It could be 3 to 6 months after this trip that we are allowed to pick her up. We will be represented in court in between trips and that is the final factor in declaring her our daughter.

We’re hoping for September-October for trip one and January-February for trip two!



We don’t stop!! Joseph has been working plenty of overtime. At least, as much as they’ll allow. We’ve continued looking into extra job opportunities but nothing has worked out yet.

Like I said, we finished our auction a little over a week ago. We have another Faith Over Fear tshirt run going. We have a Handmade Hope Necklace Auction scheduled for July 6-10. We also have a HUGE giveaway and name reveal being launched THIS week. You’re really going to want to be a part of this one! I will post about that right here on the blog and all over facebook too.

We have also submitted all of the grant applications we believe we qualify for even a little bit. It’s just a waiting game. There is SO MUCH need out there though. So many kids need homes and people don’t sit on $30-50k before starting an adoption because the kids I’ve seen simply cannot wait. These fundraisers and grants help adoptions happen without debt! We’ll see. We’re trusting God in all we do and putting as much work into it as we can too.

If you would consider making a donation to our Reece’s Rainbow grant this will assist us with travel and other final fees. Plus, it’s tax-deductible for you!

This is our profile and the donate button is at the bottom: http://reecesrainbow.org/107690/sponsorsiebold



If you read this far – you rock!! Thanks for following our process and being supportive.

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