Lots of crafting!

I have been busying myself lately with making lots of things to put up in the Fictive Fair etsy shop. I’ve also been trying to anchor everything into the website so it’s easy to search, find, and order anything from one place. Having a zillion links is getting old! ha!


ABC & 123 #cute #magnets #FictiveFair

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If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen a few of the posts about the things I’m making. The bookmarks were all ready up (and 4 have sold! yay!). I pulled in the printable typography art from an old closed shop I had a while back. This weekend I’ve been working on putting together bracelets, charms, magnets, keychains, and more to add here.


So cute. Tiny bird. #bracelet #wrapbracelet #leather

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The last few weeks we’ve been nailing down all the final bits of the homestudy update. We signed the post-placement agreements and everything is approved. It’s just a matter of it being turned into shiny hard copies. Getting fingerprinted for the FBI background checks and receiving the new marriage certificate (needs to be notarized and apostilled) is currently on the agenda. I feel like we’re moving at a snail’s pace but things are coming together. Thankfully, we all ready have passports and family photos ready to go. The bulk left is signatures, notarizations, and apostilles. Well, other than actual immigration approval.

This little project with Fictive Fair has helped us raise over $400 now. We even helped another family raise a tiny bit last month and have another adoptive family lined up for this month!!

Be on the lookout for some more things coming up!

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