Nonfiction Fairytale Shirts – Relaunch

Isn’t it kind of awkward when a store or restaurant you go in often has a “grand re-opening”. You go in and it’s not all that different and you can’t put your finger on what’s grand.

Maybe that’s just me?

Anyway . . .

I am so excited to share this! Calling it a re-launch seemed true to form! No more jumping around or switching up URLs. The tees + mugs site is cleaned up and consolidated. YAY!!

I’ve been intentionally designing shirts, prints, and other products for over two years now. Last year, I dug in to find ways to market and sell these things. We needed the extra funds!

I decided to clean out “inventory” and add some newness to the online shop. Eventually, I’m hoping to have all of my products integrated into this website rather than using an outside link. For now, I’m still selling through Teespring’s storefront. It’s cool, safe, and simple. Keeping this up has been on the hobby level for the most part but I’m hoping for the income from these products to help fill our bucket month-to-month.

One easy way to help support my relaunch: pin any of these images or those you see in the shop! Tweet and share on facebook too.



Many of the best-selling tees from 2016, like the #loveoneanother line, as well as our best, favorite mugs are still there on my shop! Always available and ready to ship. If you see something missing or unavailable or you have an idea you’d like to see: use the contact tab or drop me a message on facebook! Bonus? (Well, I think so!!!) This shop helps support our family’s funding of an international adoption!! Read our adoption update here and you can click the “Adoption” tab above to read other posts about our (very long, very unexpected) journey.


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