Oh my! Hello September.

A lot has happened since my last post in early July! That was 2 months ago. I’m gonna give some quick updates on life in general then I’ll share where our adoption is at.

At Home

Our girls started public school. We homeschooled the first two years for our oldest daughter. Something had to give this year. We are extremely thankful to be in the best district in our state. Their school is amazing. They don’t skimp on anything. The girls get to enjoy a brand new school, art classes, computer labs, and more. They also absolutely adore their teachers! It’s a big change for us but it’s been a good one so far.

We have been cleaning out like CRAZY. Both because it’s needed and we’d rather have a little cash than the stuff accumulated. The garage finally feels empty but I have a whole lot more to do. We have boxes of clothes and computer parts and random shipping supplies stacked in our 4th bedroom. I’m on a mission to get that cleared out so I can get started decorating it!!

The past two months has flown by because we’ve been busy up past our ears. Between Joseph working overtime and random summer sickness and my pulled back and fundraisers and everything we have just been treading. It’s been go-go-go! I also decided now would be the best time of any to go back to school and finish my last 8 hours for my associate’s degree. So that’s happening too!

Fictive Fair

My little start up/etsy shop is now officially an LLC partnership!!! Small business owner is in my repertoire in a legit way now. My new website is up (www.fictivefair.com). I’m working non-stop on marketing, designing, and sharing this. It’s a ton of work but I’m enjoying it. The goal is to get revenue back up and start fundraising for others again! I’m super excited about this.

The Adoption

Ok. Here’s the details you’re all really here for right now!

First of all, if you missed it on Facebook . . . WE GOT USCIS APPROVAL!!!!

It took two months from receipt of our application to the arrival in the mail. It was a tedious wait but we HAVE it in our hands. We thought we’d need to mail it off but Joseph was able to work things out so he’s taking it to Little Rock on Monday to get that apostille and overnight it to our agency.

The rest of the dossier is all ready DONE and in the hands of the people working for us in “Roxy’s” country.


Another thing you might have missed – we did announce what we plan to name Roxy not including her birth name which we intend to keep. So if you see me mentioning Aria . . . that’s who I’m talking about!


Financially we are making headway. I copy/pasted this from my previous post and edited it so you can see the changes.


Completed: $14,995

Amount Fundraised: $2500

Grants Received: $6500

  • Homestudy Update – $400 PAID
  • Commitment Fee – 1600 Euros/~$1950USD PAID
  • Placement Agency Application – $250 PAID
  • FBI Background Checks – $100 PAID
  • Apostilles + Certifications ~ $250 PAID
  • USCIS i800a Application – $945 PAID
  • NGO Fee – 3800 Euros/~$4600 USD (due now: almost ready to send!!) PAID
  • $5000 USD Agency Program Fee** Due now $4500 PAID
  • $2000 Post-Placement Agency Fee Due Now PAID

Upcoming Total Minimum: $13150

Reece’s Rainbow Account (Available at Travel Approval): $3172

  • Trip One Estimate: $4000-5000
  • In-Country Final Court Fee 1200 Euros/~$1450 USD
  • Trip Two Estimate $ 6000 – 9000
  • $1200 Post Placement Fee (Due at 4 post placement visits at time of service
  • Misc: Visas, Pick-up medical visit, Childcare


Our most immediate focus is our travel. The costs can vary dramatically depending on travel dates and we won’t have a whole lot of notice (weeks, maybe) before booking. We’ve got the kids to situate as we go overseas plus our pets (dogs, cats, and chickens) to take into account. Joseph will not have paid time off for this trip either so we’ve taken that into account within our personal budget. It’s a LOT to plan for in such a short time and right ahead of the holidays!

We are paying a good chunk of this through working overtime and making sales through Fictive Fair. Having your help is priceless!!! Just sharing our story, maybe pinning or sharing items on my website, or linking to our RR account helps us tremendously! We also have a second MASSIVE auction starting on September 15th. It’s on Facebook in the public “Roxy’s Amazing Auction” group. We’ll have all kinds of great items (there’s some sneak peaks up!) including stuff for the holidays!

Every single dime adds up. The total above, with the exception of two generous grants, have been five and ten dollars coming in at a time. Whether it’s been weeks of overtime or tshirt sales or individual donations God has blessed us so much. We’re so humbled by the generosity we’ve been shown by everyone wanting to see this sweet girl in a permanent family. This is a huge privilege to grow our family and call this sweet little girl daughter. So, thank you!!


I’m hoping it won’t be long for the next big update and that I’ll be able to say “we’re going to meet her!!” very soon.





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