Overwhelmed is My Normal

Oh man, if it weren’t because I’ve swamped myself once again I’d be disappointed that I’m so behind with posts I promised. I promised myself first and foremost. They’re in draft! I just haven’t crossed the t’s and cleaned them up for sharing yet. Boy do I know how to say yes to too much at once. Yet, I still manage to feel like I’m not doing enough.

I want everyone to know I’m doing my best to juggle the load I have taken on. Here’s why I’m behind:

This project with Fictive Fair has taken up every ounce of my attention. Ask my husband. My nose is in my phone making posts, reading about SEO or trends, and searching for plugins that won’t make me sad. I did successfully launch our first featured family on Fictive Fair which I’m sooo thrilled about!! (HINT: Go support them, ya’ll!! Spare that $5 if you can!) I craft when I can and have so many ideas I want to bring to fruition because IT’S ALL SO PRETTY.

But we have actual paperwork to actually sit and do for this adoption. More appointments coming up and hurrying up to wait. I’m trying to organize a massive binder of dossier paperwork. Imagine anything about your life: social, financial, medical, background checks, photos of your house, proof of your existence . . . that’s what that is right there! All the things.

Meanwhile, we decided to homeschool our kids so we have one straddling 1st and 2nd grade and another pacing through kindergarten “early” and the 3 year old. The 3 year old whose preference is to be treated like the big sisters. (Legos and tinker toys and hot wheels save me daily.) That’s not all that much but 2-3 hours, 4 days a week I have to zone in on that.

Not to mention this house of ours and our animals. We’re rearranging the living room, our bedroom, and the kid’s rooms (all three). The office/homeschool/spare storage space is becoming little Miss R’s bedroom. I had to go out and fix the dog-proofing on the chicken coop this past week. We have four dogs. The 2 older ones wouldn’t dare touch my birds. Idgie actually lets them hop all over her when they are baby chicks. The puppy seems like her Pyrenees lineage really stuck because she’s very non-chalant and calm around them. Scarlett though is a retriever through and through. They flap their wings and she goes into murder mode. Don’t worry! My chickies are safe and as spring comes they’ll get more and more time out to roam free without doggy disturbance. I’m just dying to get our vegetable garden started again too. Last year I had my first real veggie garden and it was so much fun. So yes, plenty happening there!

We also just have a lot going on when it comes to family and making plans for visits with people we haven’t seen in way too long (months and months, not weeks!). Our big girl is going to be 7 next month! The 5 year old just finished out her first ballet class and her first soccer season is right around the corner. I’m kind of thankful now that the other two couldn’t be persuaded to do a sport or dance or anything this spring. Ha!


So . . . overwhelmed is my normal. I’m just running in circles to keep up with myself. Ha! Time passes by me like I’m a leaf in the wind. All I ask is if I told you I’d do something or mentioned an idea . . . keep me accountable! My laziness gets a hold of me too often which is probably why I’m so dang behind! I’m thankful for this life though. I wouldn’t have it any other way!! That’s why we’re adopting. 😉 Because we like our sweet chaos.

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