Quick Update 9/27

This past week has been something else. Somehow it’s all ready the beginning of another one. The quick run down in no particular order: Baby boy is still in the

Here I Am.

More than once I have referred to our adoption process as a rollercoaster. The last week has been the most overwhelming so far. Not just with the adoption but with


Oh me. I have this big problem. It’s something I’m not proud of and I don’t know I’m doing it a lot of the time. A realization might come over

Old Post: Adoption Fundraising

Update: We may have the majority of our remaining fees funded! We will have updated numbers very soon! Whether we continue to fundraise will ultimately depend on travel costs. We

Adoption Timeline

The Beginning November 2015 – January 2016 we began discussing our options for doing foster care or adoption after the early loss of our fourth biological baby. January 7 2016

Revive Vox Box

Come back soon for my complete review of the Influenster Revive Voxbox! For now, you can see my updates and opinions on the products on Instagram and Facebook.   If

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