Roxy’s Name Reveal!!

Hey everyone!!

Advocacy Names

Before getting into the actual Name Reveal Fundraiser I want to explain the name Roxy. Some know this but many don’t. All children listed on advocacy sites or agency listings have a pseudonym. All of them. Their names are made up and given to them for two reasons.

  1. To protect their identity and safely allow people to advocate for their specific cases
  2. To disrupt the past habit of assigning ID numbers to children when it came to their listings

Roxy’s name is NOT her name. We use it to keep her and our adoption safe through remaining compliant with the wishes of her country and agencies working for her. We did not actually choose it.

That said, part of her name will not be revealed because it is her legal given name and we cannot ethically/legally share that yet. The two names we will share are those we picked for her. We will be keeping her given name as well. She will not keep the Roxy moniker once home. Sometimes you might see me using quotation marks with her name and that is why. Sometimes I’m too lazy too use those and I tend to forget many people assume that’s her true name.


A Daughter’s Name

Choosing a name or contemplating a name change is not as simple for a child that was all ready given one. This is a sensitive topic and we did not want to be flippant with choosing any name we gave to her. We also want to help her keep as much of what belongs to her as possible. In this process, she loses so much and will go through so many changes. The name she knows now is a huge part of her identity. This is not something we feel justified in taking from her. On paper in America, she will have three given names and our last name. In the day-to-day, she will get called whatever is most suitable and comfortable for her.

Now, we think the name we chose is beautiful!! I hope everyone else feels the same way. It has a lot of meaning and I hope to share all of that once it is revealed. Her siblings waiting for her here in order are Naomi Elisabeth, Emma Katherine, and Mordecai Xavier. So best of luck guessing which direction we took with hers!

The Number Game

To help us raise much-needed funds for the adoption expenses (which you can read about in June Adoption Update post here). We have set up an envelope game. This is on the wall in what will become her room. Anyone can play! It’s super easy, lots of fun, and there are giftcards at stake!! Keep reading to find out how it works.

We have a wall of 99 envelopes with 99 villains (annoying characters counted in!) on the front. Our goal is to DEFEAT all of the villains because they are keeping everyone from knowing Roxy’s adoptive name!


Step One. Pick any number or character on the wall.

Step Two. Donate the amount shown on that envelope.

Step Three. Your name will be written on a piece of paper and put inside the envelope to be entered in the giveaways!

You’ve officially defeated the villain blocking Roxy’s name reveal!



You can donate the dollar amount you chose in any of these three ways based on your preference.


Crowdfunding account, available to us within days, accepts cards, WePay processing fees are 2.9% + 0.30c –


Direct transfer, available to us within days, 2.9% + 0.30c fee which you can choose to cover or have deducted from your transfer  –


Donor-based Grant Fund, held pending dossier submission and travel invitation, 3% PayPal fee –



There are FIVE gift cards available. The winners will choose from Starbucks, Amazon, or Target in the amount shown below.

Peace Makers #1 – 20: Entry for $10 Gift Card
Crime Fighters #21 – 40: Entry for $20 Gift Card
Brave Knights #41 – 60: Entry for $50 Gift Card
Super Heroes #61 – 100: Entry for $75  Gift Card

Every donation and every *share* counts toward one extra additional entry for a $100 VISA Gift Card. You don’t have to donate to win this. Please share this post publicly on your wall so the free entries can be counted!


Winners will be chosen randomly in each category once all of the villains in that category are “defeated” (IE those numbers are claimed, donated, and taken down).  The winner of the Visa Gift Card will be chosen once ALL of them are brought down! Anyone can earn entries to any of the categories by choosing more than one number. However, if you want to go in on a number with a friend please make ONE donation for the total.

We will update all of the progress as we go by putting a big black X over the defeated villains!!

At the end, we will post her adoptive name right here on this post and all of the cards will be delivered to the winners for each category!


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