Sharing is Caring Giveaway

This is a fundraiser giveaway for the Siebold family adoption!

We are hoping to raise $12,000 toward our adoption of little 2 year old Roxy. Roxy has Down Syndrome. We saw her listed on Reece’s Rainbow and fell in love. We originally thought we would advocate for her but decided to commit to become her family ourselves instead!!

Every dollar donated on our GoFundMe page or on Reece’s Rainbow helps us get closer to being fully funded for the remaining adoption fees. These fees go to our agencies. It covers everything from administration to filing paperwork to translators being with us when we travel.
If 1000 amazing people gave just $12 or 100 people gave $120 we would be fully funded! 

We are hoping this giveaway will be a fun way to incorporate sharing our adoption with raising these remaining fees!

Now for the giveaway:

The prizes:

  1. $100 Amazon Gift Card
  2. $50 for Reece’s Rainbow Child or Family
  3. T-shirt, Tote, or Mug of choice (Shop Here)


You can read more about the Siebold’s adoption of little Roxy and donate directly on their Go Fund Me page

 Tax-Deductible donations can be made to their Reece’s Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Grant page

Use the rafflecopter “enter the giveaway” form below to submit entries.

No donations or purchases required to enter.

>> Come back daily to share and get more entries! <<

Sharing IS caring!!

The giveaway ends TONIGHT! Thank you for participating. Please consider donating just $12 to help us get our sweet girl here.

If 1000 people give $12 we’ll be totally funded.

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