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Thank you for visiting my blog. Sharing this post and the fundraising links below will help us exponentially!! One share can reach hundreds of people. It’s the simplest, easiest, most effective way to support our adoption!

We began this adoption with a homestudy partly ready to go. We are paying to update that. We also have funds ready for the initial agency application fee and initial country fees. Our overall goal is to (hopefully) raise about $15,000 through grants and fundraisers. The total cost of this adoption is estimated around $25,000 to $30,000 (pretty typical) depending on travel costs.

I will be updating this page as we go along so keep sharing!


The other thing we need most desperately is prayer. Prayer for wisdom and discernment, health, grace and patience, and more. Prayer for the kid’s hearts as we walk them through these changes and experiences. Prayer for little Roxy’s heart as she has no idea people on the other side of the planet are preparing to bring her into their family! Prayers are so invaluable to us!

Reece’s Rainbow Adoption Grant

We are thankful to have the opportunity to open a Family Sponsorship through Reece’s Rainbow. They have supported hundreds of children and families as they work through the adoption process. You can read our profile and make a tax-deductible donation by going through The funds in this account will be held and released to us at the time we travel.

It is all donations-based and any amount, whether $2 or $20, makes that grant total grow! Again, come 2018 it will be tax-deductible. Any donations can be submitted securely and quickly through Paypal. If you would rather send a check toward our Reece’s Rainbow account you can send it to the following address (just make sure our name – Siebold – is on there!). If you want to know more about Reece’s Rainbow you can look through their website or send donations related emails to Michelle at

Reece’s Rainbow
PO Box 277
Monrovia, MD 21770


GoFundMe Crowdfunding and Direct Donations

We opened up a GoFundMe page as well. You can reach that by going to There is a 5% fee but any funds given will be available up-front for things like the upcoming dossier fees, FedEx fees, and those little things that add up before travel. We also have a verified Paypal account where money can be sent instantly and directly:


Tees, Totes, and Mugs!




Above you can see a few examples of the awesome shirts in our Nonfiction Fairytale Store. These are always going to be available! Just save the link to my blog or pin it to save it for later. If for some reason one is closed I can open it right back up! (Leave a comment or PM through facebook!) Most items do not have a minimum number for the order. 50-90% of the profits will go toward the adoption. Some items have a 10% portion going toward Together We Rise. There are lots of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. Be sure to shop through each page to find what you might be looking for!


Spring Flowers

See this post for FLOWERS! Beautiful spring bulbs in YOUR yard = helping us get to our girl!

Flowers for Roxy

I’m making charm book marks, digital art printable, magnets and more to sell! These will be up on Etsy soon. $8 each includes shipping! PM me on facebook. Some of these are available but some have sold. Just ask if you can’t find what you want! Shop here:


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    May I ask… how much money do you get each shirt you sell? I want to donate, but might donate a different way if most of it goes towards production.

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