T21: Advocacy Post #1

Today I want to show you these 7 beautiful kids still waiting!

Click on the photo(s) for more information. Some are listed on Reece’s Rainbow and others are on US listings.

You can donate to children individually on Reece’s Rainbow, share their profiles, or share this post (or all of the above!!).

Baby “Fynn”



Miss “Dawn” ***URGENT***


Little “Harley”

Mr. Tomas

>> Little Denise <<

Photos aren’t always available for waiting children.

But they have faces and names and stories too!

Little “Alijah” ***Domestic/Texas Only***

Little “Seamus”

Look for 6 more posts similar to this one before this series of over!! SHARE these kiddos like crazy. Click the photos for more information or to donate to a child’s grant on Reece’s Rainbow (international only).


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