Number One 

We want to spend the first 21 days of February sharing and learning together about one of the important things about our little Roxy.

She has Down Syndrome

Number Two

We also want to raise awareness that their are other children waiting for permanent families. Many have Down Syndrome or other special needs! I will share some of their profiles here on the blog!

Number Three 

Lastly, we want to reach out and ask for donations toward our adoption of Roxy. We are working on raising the remainder of approximately $15,000 of the $25,000+ costs of this particular adoption. Through out the first 21 days of February we are hoping to reach 21 donations of $21. (However, we will be grateful for any amount we receive! We know God will provide.)
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For each of these days in February we will post on Instagram and there will be a series of posts included here as well!

We hope you will join in by learning alongside us and sharing the posts with friends and family!

Our goal by intentionally sharing what we have been learning through my blog is that we can encourage others to learn something too! This could be relative to some of the people in your own families or communities. It may  also be an opportunity to hear a little about starting the process to adopt a child with special needs.

Do you know what Trisomy 21 means? 

If not T21 then you have probably heard of Down Syndrome.

This is what our little Roxy has just like thousands of people in the world. It is a difference in DNA that gives her all the unique features and characteristics that others born with T21 might also possess.

Trisomy literally means “three of” or “three some”. There are a number of genetic conditions known by the term “Trisomy” and the specific chromosome associated with the differences in DNA. This may be used interchangeable with another name.

Down Syndrome is a moniker chosen for the man who first described the condition as distinct: John Langdon Down.

Join Us

I hope you will dive in with us for 21 days. Start researching on your own and come back here to share something you didn’t know before!

Here are some resources to do just that:

National Down Syndrome Society

The Mighty: Down Syndrome

National Association for Down Syndrome 

Look for more posts coming up starting on February 1st! 



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