the mythical minimalist

It’s nice to start the new year out a step ahead. I have to say I like it. I normally drag my lazy feet a lot more. I got the kid’s books moved into our living room. We had spare room on our large shelves and that freed up space…

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Spring Cleaning Disease

Full disclosure: I hate cleaning. I hate it. I’m on of those people.You know, it’s not that I’m really a hoarder or anything I just really don’t like cleaning. I much prefer not cleaning. I’m super good at procrastinating too. Not sure I ever will like it. I prefer being…

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A Few Cleaning Tricks: Easy All-Purpose Spray


     One of my most popular posts (at least on pinterest) was about getting acrylic paint out of carpet. I’ve used that little recipe to clean up messes more than once. It’s tried and true and cheap!      Another simple cleaning solution I use all the time is liquid dish…

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