Easy Reese’s Cookies

Reese's Cookies

Oh my. I am so happy these turned out so yummy. Thanks to Influenster and Reese’s for the opportunity to try this tasty new product! I received my voxbox this afternoon. It happened to be naptime and I hit the trifecta (all three kids sleeping at once!!) so I got…

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Easy Buttered Rum Pudding Pie


I had a craving for butterscotch and rum and used what I had! I used to choose the butterscotch cone over the chocolate at Dairy Queen when I was a kid.  I like butterscotch and butterbeers (FYI, Starbucks versions) and I won’t lie – I thoroughly enjoy some good spiced…

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Get that colored dye off your skin!


I sincerely hope this works for anyone that wants it to work. It’s extremely simple. I’ve always had dye left on my hands on Easter day from dying eggs the day before. I usually just leave it. I don’t care that much. But, I’ve gotten acrylic paint out of carpet…

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Easy Turkey Guacamole Crescent Roll Ups


Dinnertime falls right around Little Man’s cranky hour. Hour meaning 3 hours. Yay teething. All he wants to do is nurse and be held. When the Hubby is out of town I need quick dinner recipes. Some things get old fast and I’d rather not just have PB&J all the…

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Homemade Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken


I actually managed to try a new recipe tonight. It’s a hit! We looove our chinese-american food up in this place. Terrible first-world-problem: my husband worked for PF Chang’s when were first married. That’s right. Discounts. I was pregnant too so you can imagine the sick amounts of sesame chicken,…

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A Few Cleaning Tricks: Easy All-Purpose Spray


     One of my most popular posts (at least on pinterest) was about getting acrylic paint out of carpet. I’ve used that little recipe to clean up messes more than once. It’s tried and true and cheap!      Another simple cleaning solution I use all the time is liquid dish…

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Stock Up On Food Staples For Under $100

Food Staples

When we first got married we had the tiniest budget on the planet for food. We still try to keep our budget low for food and avoid eating out. We very rarely go to sit-down restaurants because that would mean either taking small kids along (no thanks!) or paying a…

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