Eggs Then Chickens

We had a busy, crazy, fun Easter weekend. Allergies and icky weather didn’t stop us.  First, we spent all of Saturday evening egging yards!! We drove all over NWA to drop off the candy filled, plastic eggs people ordered from us for our Egg Your Yard fundraiser. It was totally…

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Down and Back

Well, I’ve been MIA here on the actual blog lately though you’ve probably seen my posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. (Hint, hint: click and follow if you aren’t yet!) My computer kerplunked on me. Poor thing is worn out. I’m hard on computers. What can I say? (Hoping to…

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What is Influenster?


If you are on any sort of social media very often you may have heard of this. That’s how I heard of it in the first place. Influenster is essentially a social-media based platform for reviewing and/or testing products. You sign up, connect all your social media accounts (like twitter,…

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