First Week of OT!


Well this past week was our first week of Occupational Therapy for Bitty Bug. I was apprehensive about therapy before her evaluation  but honestly she just thinks she is playing with a new friend. ALL of the kids do. The reality: they ARE playing. The best part is that Bitty…

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The Response

I posted around two weeks ago about our daughter’s Occupational Therapy Evaluation. I hesitated so much. I was really anxious about putting it up at all. The response was wonderful. More than one person in a similar position with their kids commented or sent me a message. Many people simply…

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Occupational Therapy Evaluation

I’m really not sure what I’m writing. My husband and I have been in some other universe the past several days. I feel like I need to put on gloves and prepare to punch someone in the face. I’m anxious and defensive. It feels a little bizarre. Nothing has really…

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