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I’m having a lot of fun designing shirts and building the website up. Because I only have so much time to devote to the site right now – it has been slow. I’m focusing a lot of energy on sharing in social media. We have so many designs that I love so I wanted to make one complete blog post sharing these with everyone. You can scroll down and see our most popular shirts as well as our newest along with links to purchase.Β  I hope this makes it easier to find and share!

This collection of tanks and tees was so much fun to bring to life! The Nine Lives collection includes: Nine Lives, Juxtapose, Bamboozle, Fairytale, Adjective, Jaywalker, Quirkiest, and Exquisite. They make for a bold statement, literally. Is it ironic that we didn’t add a ninth word design?

Order from the Nine Lives collection



Definitely one of our best sellers. This is my unique version of the trending Nevertheless, She Persisted quote. The contrasting fonts maximize the message of this phrase. This is something women walking so many different paths can hold onto. This is available in the premium tee, crewneck sweatshirt, and hoodie.

Order Nevertheless She Persisted.

This is our newest addition and quite possibly my favorite! This design is available in children’s sizes 6 months up to youth extra large. There are also a number of adult options. So cute!

Click Here If You Believe in Unicorns.


The Down Syndrome awareness collection made for 3/21 (March Down Syndrome Awareness Day) has been a really important design. It captures a meaningful aspect of the movement for awareness and acceptance. People with Down Syndrome have three copies of the 21st chromosome hence the 3:21 reference. October is another designated time for raising awareness so these are perfect for wearing all year long!

Order My Butterfly Shirt

The Love One Another design came about amongst all the tension in society and politics last fall. It’s such a simple statement but it means so much. I have one of these myself and have gotten several compliments. There are lots of size and color options toΒ  pick from so your LOA shirt will be unique to you!

Show Some Love and Order Here


This is just a preview of many designs we have. You can browse the larger collection on or our main teespring storefront You can also browse and pin everything from our Pinterest page!

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly or leave a comment with your feedback. I’m happy to help you find the right link for an item you want to buy!

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