Tieks Fundraiser Giveaway

 This giveaway has been extended until April 25th!

The last giveaway fundraiser was so much fun we decided to do another one!!

We are working on fundraising to cover adoption expenses. Our family has committed to adopt a waiting child with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe. She is our little rainbow!

You can read about our adoption and follow the process here.


Why Tieks?

These ballet flats are popular for so many reasons. They are absolutely adorable. That one is obvious. They fold up so they are perfect for the busy mom or the traveler. They are not your average Target spring flats. (LOVE you Target!) They come in every imaginable color and they’ll fit beautifully on lots of different feet. I would adore a pair for myself. I’m guessing a lot of us would!

That nearly $200 price tag is a bit of a deterrent for a fun thing like cute shoes. Even if they are adorable and well made. Read more about Tieks by Gavrieli and see all of the incredible colors here.

Not only are the shoes sweet but the company is doing impressive things to support women. They invest in the efforts of women entrepreneurs all over the globe. That’s something we can ALL get behind!

I hope that a lucky lady out there will get to treat herself to a wonderful pair of shoes she might not buy for herself otherwise!! Maybe you’re a stay at home mom that could appreciate a pair of pretty but durable flats. Maybe you’re a CEO with business meetings between flights. Maybe you’re an adopting mom traveling internationally soon. These are perfect for you.

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How to Enter:

There are a few very easy ways to do this!


By grabbing our Reece’s Rainbow link and posting on your pages you will help to share our story! Don’t forget to tell them to come enter this giveaway too.


(one entry per share – no daily limit)



Make a donation of $5 for one additional entry. (No limit.)

Paypal email: sieboldfamilyadoption@gmail.com  (immediate gift for upfront expenses)

www.reecesrainbow.org/107690/SponsorSiebold (tax-deductible gift released at time of travel)




Leave a comment below and tell me which Tieks color is your absolute to-die-for favorite!

(one additional entry)

Submit your info.

Giveaway Entry


The boring rules and regs! Please read:
No requirement to make a purchase or donation to gain entry. All entries are considered equal and cumulative. Donations given are not exclusive to or solely connected to this giveaway. All donations made on Reece’s Rainbow are tax deductible. Tieks and their affiliates are not responsible for this giveaway or any representation made through this giveaway. There will be one winner chosen on March 25th or when our GoFundMe has reached $1000*, whichever comes first.  The giveaway has been extended until April 25th! All previous entries remain valid and every entrant is eligible for additional entries. The winner will be announced here and notified via email on April 25th. Winner will select size and color. Prize value not to exceed $200. If the winner wishes to exceed this amount a $175 Tieks gift card can be claimed instead. The gift card may be requested via snail mail or e-mail. Otherwise, the selected pair will be shipped directly to the winner’s given address. Shipping is always free.


















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22 Discussion to this post

  1. J C says:

    black is always a solid choice

  2. Kristi Byers says:

    I really like the mustard yellow… that would be such a fun color to teach in all day!

    Best wishes!

  3. Elizabeth says:


  4. akaleistar says:

    Starstruck is my to-die-for favorite!

  5. Jill Shelton says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Black matte

  7. Laura Jabbora says:

    Ballerina Pink is my next wished for pair ❤️

  8. Amy Truluck says:

    I love the romantic blush!

  9. Wendy johnston says:

    Teal ♡♡♡♡

  10. Allison Routhier says:

    Done! Thank you. Good luck 🙂
    Love an RR Family

  11. Diana Meredith says:

    Just donated $10 on RR! I love the teal.

  12. Kimber Klopp says:

    My first choice is always black on any flat foot wear.

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