TOTES McGOATS: Totes are Totes in the Shop Now!

You’re going to TOTE-ally love what’s in our store now! (Sorry, that was for my husband, the punniest guy I know… wow what has happened to me?!)

No, really. These 100% cotton, 15″x18″, printed totes are perfect for ALL the things! They are ideal for keeping handy in the car or stroller. Each one is just $25.00 USD. Be on the lookout for new prints coming out soon! I’m also happy to attempt a custom print or wording if you’re looking for something specific.

What all can you do with a versatile tote?

  • Use it in place of a purse
  • Perfect for the park or beach
  • Pack a spare set of clothes or snacks for day trips
  • Carry it at the farmer’s market to hold all that fresh produce
  • One more reusable bag for big grocery trips
  • Store your art supplies for traveling
  • Hold a few favorite items for your kiddo on long trips
  • Need a gym bag that’s not a bulky duffle?
  • Library books fit well too


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I sincerely apologize for all the puns. xoxo

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